Although the church office is closed if you need to contact us please use this number: 07447861487.


The Clergy conduct funeral services both in the church and at other places.

However in addition to this we recognize this very difficult time in our lives. When someone dies, relatives and friends can be left to face all sorts of emotions, ranging from regret to relief, confusion to despair.

Everyone deals with bereavement in a different in a way.

At All Saint's there are people who are used to the honest expression of grief and who are ready to offer help and support.


Here are some of the ways in which we may able to help:


  • by providing someone to talk openly and in confidence without the fear of being pursued or made to 'come to church' . This can be anywhere that feels comfortable, either in your home or in church, when it is open.. 

  • by offering a Christian perspective on what happens at death and which can help others to frame or express their own beliefs.

  • by providing the opportunity to remember and pray. Many have found times of worship and prayer to be comforting and helpful. Most services in our churches include prayers for those who have died and their families and friends. Others focus on healing and wholeness. Each year, in November,we hold a memorial service for those whose funerals have been conducted by the clergy in the past year.

  • by offering practical advice.

  • by putting people in touch with experts in bereavement care. 

Local Funeral Directors

Ashby Funeralcare

174 Ashby High street



DN16 2JR

Tel; 01724 841112


Co-op Funeralcare

2 Bottesford Road



DN16 3HE

Tel: 01724 843150




15 Doncaster road


DN15 7RA


Jason Threadgold

3 Burringham Road



DN17 2BA

Tel: 01724 865865


01724 841821

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