We are delighted that you are considering taking this important step and want to offer you the best support that we can as you embark upon this spiritual journey with your child.

As a first step we ask you to attend a Baptism Preparation evening at St Lawrence's church.  If you are interested in attending this meeting please can you contact the Church office for more details on 01724 841821 before attending. 

This will last about half an hour and will explore some of the images used in the baptism service and the responsibilities and commitments that the parents and godparents are asked to make.

These are usually held on 2nd Tuesdays in the month, 6:30 p.m. in church.

At the end of the meeting, you will be presented with a certificate of attendance. Should you wish to proceed with the baptism of your child you will need to bring this certificate to the church office to arrange the date of the service.

(Please note that the Parish Clerk or administrator will be unable to book a date for the baptism without a certificate).

Where the baptism takes place...


If you live within the Parish of All Saints, New Brumby the baptism of your child can take place in All Saints Church.  If you live outside the parish, and do not regularly attend worship at All Saints, then you should approach the priest of the parish in which you live.  It may be possible for the baptism of your child to take place at All Saints Church if your own parish priest is happy for this to happen and we have the availability.

What to do on the day ...


On the day the service will begin at

11.00 a.m. and is a part of the morning service. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the service is due to start and come straight into the church.  This will enable us to help you and your guests to find their seats and to start on time.  It will also allow us to brief the godparents before we begin.  Once the service starts do try to relax and enjoy it.  We will guide every one through the service and help it all to happen.

Godparents ...

Godparents have an important role to play in supporting you as you try to bring up your child in the Christian faith and way of life.  They will also be sponsoring your child for membership of the church.  They only qualify to do this if they are over 18 yrs and have been baptized themselves.  Please do check that they qualify. It is normal for a girl to have two godmothers and one godfather.  A boy normally has two godfathers and one godmother.  In both cases the minimum requirement is one godmother and one godfather.  Usually, there should no more than four godparents.

Keeping in touch ...

We do not see the baptism of your child as just another job, but rather as the beginning of a new relationship with your family. To help us keep in touch with you we offer the following:

Special events 

We will write to you to let you know about any special events that might be of interest to you and your family.

Photography & Videos...

We do ask that you respect the tradition at All Saints that photography are not taken during an act of worship. There will, however be plenty of opportunities to take photos at the end of the service. A video recording of the service can be made discreetly from the back of church.

The Cost ...


It costs the Church approximately £120 to provide a baptism service and so we ask for a donation of £40 from each family to help towards this cost.  If you are a tax payer it would help us if you could use one of our gift aid envelopes for this donation.  Under the Gift Aid Scheme we can reclaim from the HM Revenue and Customs the tax you have already paid on the money at no extra cost to yourself.  All you have to do is complete the details and add your signature to the form on the front of the envelope.​

01724 841821

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